Subway! Eat Local

The knock on American travelers is that we will fly to the ends of the earth to visit a new country but we still order McDonald’s when we get there. This isn’t a redundant post for why you should try cockroaches when you’re in Bangk… read more


Visa Stamps: Color Between the Lines

You know what really grinds my gears? I’ll tell you. I hand my passport over to the immigration officer, present my half smile, and try to think about baseball as he studies my every move and swipes my passport. Seconds that seem like hours lat… read more


PEK-BKK Technical Delay: Drinks Please!

When I am served a glass of champagne and some fresh OJ, my programmed response is that it must be time to take off. Down the glass in style, tilt the seat back against policy, then wait for that noise of the engine revving. Check, check, check, Beij… read more

is uber illegal

Is It Immoral to Uber?

Uber is in the news all the time. Whether it is because financial analysts applaud its unprecedented valuation or because the underground Las Vegas mafia is plotting its Nevada demise, Uber will always come find you wherever in the world you are. Eve… read more