Blog Check 1, 2, 1, 2

I’m inching closer to the full transition and integration of my blog onto the BoardingArea server. All the featured images have been added and adjusted for size, the deadlinks, like Lazarus have come back to life, and everything seems to be in … read more


The Press in Seoul

The press in Seoul is Americano. The duality of being in a foreign country and state side at the same time pegs South Korea. The familiarity of Western life is more than the identifiable storefronts. Indeed, everything apart from the Korean character… read more


ThePointsOfDeadLinks: Expect Delays

Cosmetically the move to the BoardingArea server is complete; the menus are easy to use, the ads are doing their job by bating you in, and the overall site is a thing of beauty. But much like a Scottsdale bottle popping bimbo, looks can be deceiving…. read more


Gangnam Style: President Obama and Psy

Gangnam style! It will never go away especially if you’re traveling through SE Asia. Today, I’m on my way to Gangnam for a couple of days at the Aloft Seoul Gangnam, another hotel I’ll be reviewing in the Hotel Reviews section. Clea… read more