Heineken and Corona in Budapest.

IBA: Best Go To Brew Abroad

The International Brew Awards’ first nomination is for Best Go To Brew Abroad. What’s a ‘go to’ brew? It’s the one that virtually every bar will have regardless of where in the world you are. It doesn’t mean that t… read more


Last Call for Cubical!

2000 book sales in 2 days. That’s entering NYT Bestseller territory. You only have a few hours to get your free copy of my book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine on Kindle. Buy it now, read it tonight, and skip going back t… read more


Real Writers Don’t Use Smileys

Rewind back to grade school when the teacher would inform the class, “If you use the pronoun ‘I’ or ‘you’ in your paper, the result is an automatic failure.” Why? Because a paper written with these personal pronoun… read more


Points Bonanza: A Copycat Case

A couple of days ago I called Citibank to cancel one of my AA Executive cards since the annual fee was about to come due.  As a reminder, last year Citi offered a whopping 100,000 AA miles plus $250 statement credit as a signup bonus for the $450 per… read more


Country Directory Complete!

Maybe you’ve noticed that over the last two days I’ve traveled the world faster than the old Headline News slogan, “Around the world in 30 minutes”…this is ThePointsOfLife. While certain killjoys (see this post) will spe… read more